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Credentialis is an independent professional organization which provide credential evaluation services to individuals who have completed part or all their education outside the United States and its territories. Our mission is to provide professional quality credential evaluation services with precision and integrity.  We are committed to high ethical standards in the field of international credential evaluation. Credentialis evaluation reports are based upon understanding educational systems around the world, ongoing research, and comprehensive foreign academic evaluation experience.

Oscar Morales, Esq.

Director of Evaluation

Credentialis, our agency, was founded and officially registered in Florida in 2021. that grants approval and endorsement to private credential evaluation services across the United States.


With over 10 years of combined experience in international education and knowledge of the U.S. education system, Credentialis' team of professional evaluators and advisors have participate in international educational exchanges and engage with organizations in the field. Their diverse backgrounds, proficiency in various languages, and broad overseas experiences greatly contribute to Credentialis' overall success.


Credentialis follows established guidelines to determine evaluations and U.S. educational equivalencies recommended in its reports, reflecting the expertise of qualified evaluators.


Each evaluation report undergoes thorough review by our team of executive evaluators for accuracy and consistency before being issued to applicants and third parties. It's important to note that Credentialis' evaluation reports provide guidance and are not legally binding on institutions, agencies, or third parties.

College Campus

Oscar Morales, Esq., Director of Evaluation, combines a legal background with a rich educational history. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies and a Master of Arts from the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris. His pursuit of knowledge extended further as he studied abroad at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Bath University, enriching his understanding of diverse educational systems and cultures.Morales' career in higher education administration spans over seven years, during which he has held significant leadership roles, including Dean of Students and Associate Vice President at a college. These positions have allowed him to directly influence student affairs and institutional policies, demonstrating his dedication to creating positive educational environments.In addition to his roles within academic administration, Morales has accrued eight years of experience as a legal consultant specializing in higher education. This role has seen him providing crucial legal advice and developing comprehensive policies for educational institutions. His contributions have been influential in enhancing the operational and legal frameworks within which these institutions function, allowing them to better meet the challenges of the evolving educational landscape.Morales' expertise also extends into the evaluation and research of foreign academic credentials, a skill honed through extensive engagement with both U.S. and international educational systems. This engagement includes academic study, teaching roles, and professional work, giving him a nuanced understanding of global education standards.Furthermore, Morales has actively participated in numerous professional conferences in the field of international education, further broadening his expertise and fostering a wide network within this specialized area.

Anabel Chi

Anabel Chi holds a Bachelor's degree in Pedagogy with a specialization in English, graduating in 1985 from the Higher Pedagogical Institute of Guantánamo (“Instituto Superior Pedagógico de Guantánamo”). Anabel began her career as an English teacher at the Pedagogical School of Guantánamo, where she taught for nine years, demonstrating her ability to inspire and educate.


Following her successful tenure in education, Anabel expanded her professional horizons by joining the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment, where she worked as a translator and interpreter for 16 years.


Since 2021, Anabel has brought her passion for languages and commitment to academic excellence to Credentialis Evaluators. Anabel Chi is a prominent figure in the field of translation and evaluation of academic credentials, whose career reflects a dedication to the world of education, knowledge, and effective communication across cultures and disciplines.

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