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Required Documents

Please take note! Applicants targeting any of the entities listed below must adhere to specific document submission guidelines:

  • EDP University

  • Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

  • Nova University

  • Immigration purposes

  • State/Federal Government employment positions

Credentialis will reach out to the applicant (client) through email to request any further information, documentation, or additional fees that may be necessary. The need for these additional requirements will be at the discretion of Credentialis.


For the purpose of an academic credential evaluation report with Credentialis, please provide full official documentation of the student's comprehensive academic history. This includes transcripts, report cards, examination statements, or marks sheets. These documents should detail the subjects or courses undertaken in each academic term or year, along with the associated hours of instruction—specifying lecture, laboratory sessions, credits, or units—and the final examination outcomes, grades, or marks as provided by the issuing educational institution(s) or examination board/body.

Certificate / Diploma / Degree

To submit an application for academic credential evaluation, applicants must provide official documentation verifying the completion of their program of study or training. Acceptable forms of documentation include but are not limited to Certificates of Graduation, Matriculation Certificates, External Examination Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, or Professional Licenses. It is crucial to note that Credentialis requires academic transcripts, Diplomas or Degrees for evaluation purposes. Applications lacking these supporting documents are considered incomplete and cannot be processed.


All academic documents issued in languages other than English must be translated into English in their entirety. Credentialis provides comprehensive translation services that adhere to a strict standard of accuracy and fidelity. Our translations are conducted directly from the original documents, ensuring a line-by-line, word-for-word replication that maintains the original format of the source documents.


Credential evaluation and document translation are distinct services, each subject to its own fees.

Multiple Credentials / Multiple Degrees

For evaluations of academic credentials on our website, we require documentation for each undergraduate (first degree) and any subsequent postgraduate (master's and doctoral) degrees you wish to have evaluated. Each credential earned and submitted for evaluation will incur a fee, with an additional $50.00 charged for the evaluation of each subsequent degree beyond the first. It's important that all post-secondary academic studies are presented in the order in which they were completed. At Credentialis, we evaluate credentials within their complete academic context; thus, we do not assess credentials in isolation. If you possess multiple post-secondary/university level qualifications, it is necessary to submit documentation for all your academic achievements. For instance, if you are submitting a PhD for evaluation, you must also provide academic documentation for all preceding university-level education, such as bachelor's and master's degrees.

Doctorate (PH.D.) Degree

Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree studies must be supported with an abstract (summary) of the doctoral dissertation title/thesis title as well as academic documents (transcripts and degree) supporting ALL previous education (e.g. undergraduate Bachelor’s and graduate Master’s).

Syllabus / or “Plan de Estudio”

Course descriptions/syllabi are not required but may be requested by Credentialis if academic documents lack complete information on subject titles/content and/or instruction hours.


Proof of Name

If your name has changed due to marriage, citizenship changes, or any other reason, please note that if your current name differs from the name on your academic credentials, we will use the name as it appears on the official academic documents. You, as the client, may need to complete a "Same Name" affidavit or undergo another process to verify your identity to the institution or organization to which you wish to send your Evaluation Report. To legally prove your name change, you will need to provide documents such as a copy of your marriage certificate, naturalization certificate, or other legal documents.

Missing Documents

Should Credentialis identify that essential documents for the evaluation are absent and have not been submitted with the application, the applicant will receive an email notification from Credentialis, complete with detailed instructions. It is important to emphasize that the responsibility for requesting and supplying all necessary documentation for the evaluation process rests solely with the applicant.


Credentialis reserves the right to verify studies and credentials with the institution(s) attended and/or advise the applicant to contact source institution(s) directly to obtain verification.


Please do not forward original documents via mail to Credentialis unless directly requested by us.

Should you receive instructions from Credentialis to send your original, official, or any supporting documents to our physical location, be advised that we only collect mail twice a week. This may result in processing delays for your file. Upon receipt of your mail, we will notify you within 1-3 days via email to confirm its arrival. We will then review your documents and, if necessary, provide a detailed service quote including the cost and payment options. A mail fee of $22.00 is required for returning any original documents. You will receive an email notification for the payment. Please note, Credentialis is not liable for the retention or storage of any original documents.

For official documents or verifications from your institution or third parties, these must be directly emailed to us at Credentialis assumes no responsibility for documents that cannot be associated with an active application and does not keep such documents.

If you have queries regarding official documents, contact us via email. We aim to respond to inquiries within 24 hours. When emailing documents, please attach high-quality color PDF scans of both sides of the official certificates, diplomas, or degrees along with transcripts/mark sheets detailing courses and grades. Include certified English translations and proof of name change, if relevant.

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