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Detailed Evaluation Service

Education Level: Secondary (High School) and Post-Secondary (Higher Education) Documents


This service provides a detailed assessment, determining the U.S. equivalency of the submitted academic records in terms of degree or years of study. It includes a detailed course-by-course evaluation, a summary of the county education, aligning credits, U.S. equivalent grades, and Grade Point Average (GPA) with the sequence presented in the original transcripts.

Common uses Applications

This evaluation is essential for those seeking to enroll in U.S. academic programs at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral level. It may also facilitate the transfer of earned credits into a U.S. degree program, subject to the accepting institution's policies.


  • Standard Evaluation is priced at $198

  • + $55 for additional degree in same Evaluation.

  • Rush Evaluation $198 + $65, offered only by specific request and availability. Rush service will be completed within 5 to 6 days.



Option 1: Email Submission

Please scan and email clear PDF copies of your academic credentials to our designated email address for a preliminary evaluation ( Ensure that the scans are legible, and all relevant details are visible. Please do not scan using a mobile phone.

Option 2: Mail Submission

If you prefer or are required to send original documents, please mail them to our office address. Mailing instructions and the address will be provided upon request.



Quote and Service Description

Once we receive your documents, our team will assess the necessary services for your Credential Evaluation Report. We'll then send you a detailed quote, outlining the services you need and the associated costs.

Service Application

Along with your quote, you'll receive a link to our service application. This application is crucial for proceeding with your report.



Digital Payments

We accept various forms of digital payment, including Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp. Please send your payment to (305)308-5522, listed under “Credentialis LLC.”

Credit Card Payments

For Visa payments, please request our payment form. Note that a $6.00 service fee applies to all Visa transactions.

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